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Frequently Asked Questions

Every ticket purchased from TicketApe is backed by a full 100% Attendee Protection Policy, which increases our conversion substantially and offers a differentiator to the customer in today's crowded space.
2How will my tickets be delivered?
TicketApe delivers a mobile e-ticket that can be redeemed via your mobile device or printed out.
3What if I lose my tickets?
No worries! We have access to all tickets, and we can simply resend your ticket to the same email you used to purchase it.
4What is a Zookeeper?
A Zookeeper is your personal agent for all fun things to do in major cities around the world. They have the knowledge you can trust in getting you the best deals or insider tips.
5Does TicketApe offer packages?
All packages will be built based on unique experiences that you have probably never tried before.
6Does TicketApe offer exclusive tickets?
Yes, we have partners from all over the world who offer exclusive experiences for TicketApe customers.
7Who are TicketApe's partners?
TicketApe partners with promoters, attractions, events, live productions, activities, transportation companies, restaurants, shopping malls, rental car companies, golf partners and so much more.
8What other services does TicketApe offer?
TicketApe offers everything you may need for your vacation. From booking a rental car to transportation to your favorite restaurant, everything is booked for you in advance or from the comfort of your hotel room.
9Can you assist with my group or corporate event?
At TicketApe, we love corporate travel and provide a Zookeeper solely for all of your group's entertainment needs, whether it is a convention or incentive travel. We are here to assist you with planning the fun outside of work.
10Do you offer speciality services such as transportation, etc.?
Yes, we offer rental cars, one-way and round trip airport shuttles or taxi services.
11What is TicketApe?
TicketApe is an app with a web presence where you will find exclusive local attractions or events, special offers, unlock rewards and receive location-based offers as you visit major cities across the world. A live agent is always available to help.
12Does TicketApe offer a reseller program or can I list my event or attraction?
Yes, we offer a reseller promotion. Join our team and go bananas over local attractions and events while making money, or list your event or attraction with TicketApe.


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